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At Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring, we offer a wide range of services to meet all of your bathroom renovation needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just some minor updates, our experienced team can help ensure that your bathroom is stylish and functional.

We specialise in both main and ensuite bathroom renovations and can help you with everything from tiling to waterproofing. Our team is experienced in working with all types of materials, so we can provide you with the perfect look for your bathroom. We also offer laundry renovations, so you can update this area of your home too. We work closely with each client to ensure that their individual needs are met and that they are delighted with the end result. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee superior workmanship on every project.

Here at Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring, we understand the importance of proper waterproofing in any bathroom renovation. We take care to ensure that all moisture is managed effectively and that your new space will remain dry and safe for years to come. Our team is highly qualified in waterproofing techniques and can provide you with the best possible solution for your particular needs.

Our Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring Services

THE BEST Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring

Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring

Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring is the leading provider of Toowoomba bathroom renovations.

At Bathroom Designs Kearneys Spring, we offer various services, including mains bathrooms, ensuite bathrooms, tiling services, laundry renovations and waterproofing. We understand that each home and owner have different requirements when it comes to their bathroom renovation project. That is why we strive to provide personalised service to each client. We also take great care to ensure that all plumbing, electrical and structural aspects of a bathroom renovation are done correctly and according to industry standards.

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Main Bathrooms

The main bathrooms are an essential feature in any building and can be accessed from multiple directions and floor levels. They are usually located at the end of a hallway, often equipped with toilets, sinks, and urinals in order to comply with health department regulations or, in some cases, separate sexes. The size of the main bathrooms will vary depending on the layout of the building. However, they are designed to provide the necessary facilities while still allowing people to move around freely and easily within their environment.

Ensuite bathrooms

An ensuite bathroom is an excellent option for a family that needs more than one bathroom in the home. By opting for ensuite bathrooms, you can enjoy all the benefits of privacy, luxury, and comfort while having company over. This is a fantastic way to use new renovations and transform your living space into an area of luxury. An ensuite bathroom adds value to your home while providing convenience and additional space. With ensuite bathrooms, you will be able to make use of the entire area, making it perfect for those who need a place of sanctuary away from the chaos of everyday life.

remodelling bathroom toowoomba qld
remodelling bathroom toowoomba qld


Tiling is a great way to update any living space. Not only does it give a room a fresh coat of colour, but tiling can also be tailored to suit the needs of those with impaired vision or restricted mobility. The shapes, sizes and materials available for tiling mean that there’s something suitable for almost any preference, enabling people with particular needs to enjoy the same modern looks as anyone else! It also makes tiling an ideal option for spaces with sloped or curved floors or areas that need extra durability over cosmetic attractiveness, making tiling an incredibly diverse choice of finish.

Laundry renovations

With laundry now so integral to daily life, laundry rooms have become a sought-after feature among homebuyers. Renovating your laundry room can therefore be a great investment that increases the value of your home while also providing practical improvements. Such laundry renovations may include anything from repainting and adding shelving to installing updated appliances and incorporating new lighting. Whatever you decide, laundry renovations will make life easier in your home and can serve as the foundation for increased property value over the long term.

remodelling bathroom toowoomba qld
remodelling bathroom toowoomba qld


Adding waterproofing improvements to your home’s exterior is an excellent investment for protecting it against moisture. Water-resistant coatings, such as sealants, provide an additional defence against any moisture from passing through air gaps or cracks in mortar joints. Additionally, resilient flooring provides an extra layer between the tile and laminate floors, preventing water from entering. In particular, it is beneficial to waterproof any flooring surrounding essential areas such as the bathroom since this often has increased exposure to moisture vulnerabilities.

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